TIGER WOODS on the Cover of February 2010 Vanity Fair

Tiger Woods shot by Annie Leibovitz

I must say that I was pretty shocked when I saw that Tiger woods was on the cover of  Vanity Fair. First thing that came to mind was, when was the last time that Tiger was ever on a cover that wasn’t ESPN, Sports Illustrated, or a gossip mag like the National Enquirer? None the less, VF’s pathetic excuse for the exploitation of the incident, is that the photos and interview were all taken Pre-scandal (let’s be honest we all know it was a for a feature and not the cover!).

What do you think? Is this cover distasteful? Sexy? exploitation? Or a top fashion mags rightful attempt to profit?

Check the online article, if you care to read more… but for me, the picture was enough, for me to look the other way!

February 2010: Buzz Bissinger on Tiger Woods Entertainment & Culture: vanityfair.com.


One thought on “TIGER WOODS on the Cover of February 2010 Vanity Fair

  1. That’s crazy! This honestly makes me mad. The guy cheats on his wife with 13 skanks and gets the cover of Vanity Fair?! WTH this is telling people that that’s okay and it’s not. I swear mainstream media displays some ass-backwards morals and values. smh

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