Men’s Fashion Week>>> MILAN

Browse through some of my fave looks and later in the week colab with me on the trends!!

Lets be honest though… some of these pics are just about the model and not the clothes… So why not start with the first pic as a great example of that! 🙂

Dolce & Gabbana

Great classic look for fall

Love the stylish and functional hat in this collection

Bottega Veneta

Not really feeling the styling, but I LOVE purple on men! This jacket would look great as a separate!

Men's accessories are becoming more and more sexy!

Salvatore Ferragamo

Im catching on to the scarfs as a men's accessory!

Love the colors! Masculine cuts with unexpected color palette

Emporio Armani

I looooove this color palette on a man! You gotta be a certain type guy to own anything this color!

These are just a few of the looks from the designers who have shown so far… stay close for more updates as they come! I wish I was in Milan today! 34 degrees ain’t too bad, but this NY weather is good for the soul!!


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