MY Fashion Week thoughts

I must say, that I have been quite lazy with my blog! And to be honest I have been very bored with my own fashion posts that really can be seen any where is if search for hard enough. If this blog is about  “thoughts form a beautiful mind” then I should have posts that speak to that declaration. SO… Im going to TRY to make a greater effort to make more consistent and thoughtful posts. So to start it off I want to talk about my REAL report of fashion week… my experience of FW NYC FW2010!

My fashion week crazyness started Feb 9th, a few days before the official start of NYFW. Quite possibly the best night of a looong week and half! First up was the “How to make it in America” HBO screening after party.. which I THINK was at the Bowery Hotel… I forgot! LOL but the crowd was great and the cast wand crew were all very cool. I must say that this  party reminding me why I prefer the world of acting over modeling. Cool people, good looking people… but people who had personality and conversation… I don’t want to say that the modeling/fashion industry is completely void of such a combination… but it often feel like that.

Fashion Week started for me for real however with my job for WENDI REED for her FW2010 Collection. I must say, I think its so lame to list or “brag” about ones work or drop names about people that one might cross paths with. So with respect for that belief I will only mention those things when it seems decent to. Any who here are a few pics from the presentation…


I loved this top!

Wendi Reed F/W 2010

More thoughts on FW2010… but I have a life to live for now!

Holla at me!


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