Want to know the REAL me?!

Ok guys, so many people had been asking about my blog and truth be told I’ve been bad at keeping it up! But the funny thing is, in my own privacy I actually write ALOT almost every day!! Sooo when asked today about my blog… I thought, perhaps with some censorship… That I would share what I write in my own journal/notes. Below you will see an actual entry that I wrote on the notes app of my iPhone. I write there allll the time and although some of it is very personal I do know that they are real and insightful. This entry in particular is actually a really good place to start, because it was at a time when I could feel that everything was changing, and looking back I can see that day was indeed a turning point as you will see with entries that follow. I’m a lil nervous to share but hey it’s the real me so what else can I do but be that!

June 8th, 2010 1:38pm
The airport always gives me this unidentifiable feeling of excitement and sadness. This time I sit here in Houston my “hometown”, unsure of when I will return. Next time my family won’t be here when I return. Just old friends and old memories. Here in front of Gate 29, I over hear southern tinged accents, and I know that where I’m going, these slow draws and southern dialects will be a distant sound rarely heard. 
In just the past 10 days I’ve graduated from college, watch my sister cross the stage for her high school graduation at my Alma mater, see my parents pack up and move, held my old college room mate’s baby for the first time and have seen other old friend after many years…. I realized I’ve hit a new part of my life. A part that I have spent years preparing for, and although I’m a great planner who believes in following through. The truth is, I have no idea what will happen next. I want to be a famous actress with a God sent husband and two wonderful sons… Only He knows if that will come to pass. One thing I do know is that the hard work hasn’t even begun, what I want in life is not for me to work harder, but smarter and more focused! To the new life that I will meet upon my return, New York…  Here’s to you!


7 thoughts on “Want to know the REAL me?!

  1. That was great. I see that your a very down to earth person who values relationships. I also see that your focused o your dreams/ Goals and I, for one, Hope you succeed and get all that you deserve. Keep up the writing, and I’ll talk to you on facebook. Maybe see you in NY one day if I’m lucky lol.

    • Thank you very much. You are great at motivating! I will def try to keep sharing! I have some stuff that might catch your interest that often keep to myself! Appreciate it! 🙂

  2. Millana!!!!! I hope you never get tired of me telling you how proud I am of you. Kudos 2 you!!! I love that being seperated physically brought us closer mentally.. only because I know you are out in the world making your dreams come true ((and mine too)) seeing as I am def living vicariously through you. In boot camp, my shipmates and I would always tell each other:: “Tough times never last.. Tough people do” just hold on to that and God’s unchanging hand. I didnt need to move to Japan to learn that He is everywhere. Millana you are so strong, and you are a beautiful person. I’ll see you again soon enough!!! Love you Milli!!! ((until next time…))

    • Thank you JQ. I just figured I would share my truth. It can def be scary to do but having friends that last through all time in space help me to remember how important it is to remain true to myself. Love you! You are such a great friend.

  3. That Was an awesome Post! So authentic. From what I see God has his hand on you and all of those dreams. for sure I believe you’ll realize them. Go get em girl. 🙂

  4. Wow… I felt like I was right there with you. Engaging on your thought’s of your distant memories… and at the same time just feeling that your new life is about to open up for you in away that you been preparing yourself for. Now that you worked so hard. Just remember that the past is of great importance which I felt while you were sharing… knowing how loved you are… but yet following your dreams, and making sure that all that planning you have done doesn’t go to waste.

    With a kind spirit and a gentle loving soul there is only one place for you Millania and that is up!

    Like Paul said so Authentic! A word I come to love and respect so much after LandMark~ Awesome blog you should keep writing you are fabulous at self expression~ 🙂

    • Thank you so much! I have been a little nervous about sharing such personal thoughts. It’s important to me to work on my self expression so it’s nice to know it’s been well recieved. Because I do hope to more writing. Thanks again!

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