Project Runway Finale!

In case you didnt happen to catch the finale… Spoiler alert!!! Gretchen was choosen as the winning designer of the show… making me the winning model! I have to say that I am beyond proud of Gretchen and her work… And guys let me tell you, I saw allllll of her clothes up close, and she is an incrediably talented designer! I would have to say that I would wear the majority of her collection and I myself am looking forward to her future collections.

I must also tell you all, that as a fellow Denverite, I am exceedingly proud of Mondo and think that he too is a very talented designer and I know there is no doubt that his HUGE following will grant him much success in the coming months.

With all that said I must admit Im happy I won! I mean why lie! But more than anything Im grateful that God made this happen for me just 10 days after graduating from college! Going to school and modeling/acting had been hard to mix these past few years, so it was really amazing to have this opportunity as soon as I was freed up!


4 thoughts on “Project Runway Finale!

  1. Millana:

    Congrats Girl, I just saw the last show, I have been wondering if you won. I’m so proud of you. I had a good feeling at the start of the show. Keep up the great work.


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