I’m going to CHINA!!??

I would say this is a dream come true… but I never even dreamt that I would be able to one day work in China! With that being said, Im happy to announce that I will be traveling to Hong Kong, Beijing and Macau to host a new webisode travel series pilot for the soon to be launched site http://TheVagabondProject.tv/ …(Subscribe now to get a head start on the launch)

As mentioned on  http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Vagabond-Project/181587635223937 (make sure you “Like” the page for updates) The Vagabond Project is;

A free membership-based website that hosts a collection of webisode series about eclectic, international travel experiences focused around Gen-Y subcultures such as adventure, art, music, sustainability, architecture, theater, technology, nightlife, food, fashion, bicycles, people and lifestyles. The Vagabond Project is non-critical, apolitical and curates a showcase of positive attributes of a given culture or country. It is The Vagabond Project’s mission to inspire and share the world through new, unconventional perspectives via webisodes. The Vagabond Project is committed to being a cultural entity built upon authenticity, originality, creativity and honesty that creates opportunities for the Gen-Y community to engage in international culture.

I’m soooooo excited about the project and the trip its self so be assured that I will keep everyone updated step by step here and my tumblr www.millanasnow.tumblr.com… so please stay tuned!


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