Looking for a New Fragrance

I have always been obsessed with scent and I am a firm believer that all scents carry a message. What does your scent say about you? Its an important question to ask yourself because whether you are wearing it on purpose or not; dead or alive… you smell! May as well smell good and on purpose right?!

Before going on my trip to China I was running out of my two signature scents; Gucci Floraand Stella Sheer… with a dash of a new one that I wasn’t feeling spoke to the esscence of Millana Snow (Angel By Theirry Mugler). But upon my return home, I realized that China had changed me forever, not to mention I had a birthday while I was gone… so I knew it meant that I was in a new phase of my life, which meant that it is time for a new scent.

      I believe that not only does a scent tell of your personality… for exapmle; is she/he: fun/trashy/sexy/confident but it also tells where you are in life… is she/he: young and adventurous/finding themselves/secure with who they are etc. But not oly does your scent tell of who you wish others to know who you are but pheromones that mix with the scent that you choose also attract people into your life… in an instinctual and animalistic way that is far beyond any conscious decisions.

So although my Gucci Flora scent tells of a woman who is confident, girly yet a budding strong woman… Im seeking a fall scent that is more sultry, that is for a woman who is young and fresh but well traveled, but most happy with the simple things in life. Im on the hunt for that new scent…

When looking I knew that there was nothing at Sephora (my typical go to stop for the newest mainstream scents) that I hadnt already smelled or that everyone else wasn’t already wearing… so I realized that I had to step my perfume game up and head to the VERY well curated Bergdorf Goodman. Here are a few scents that look like I might be going in the right direction but it allllll depends on what happens when they make contact with my skin! Will get back to you soon to let you know what I find!

Noted as erotic with notes of spicy jasmine! oh my!

Noted as sophisticated and strong with notes of wood and leather

Noted as woody with exotic spices and floralsErotic spicy jasmine? oh my!Noted as sophisticated and stong with notes of leather and wood


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