Let’s Go Out to Eat…

A statement that I hear or say at least 6-8 times a week. I have to say, I go out to eat A LOT… and its what makes me truly happy in life! I recently realized that although I tweet about it often, I really should share more details with you all so you can decide if you would like to go try it out for yourself! I will try to make it short and sweet so that you can quickly figure out if its the right place for you and your occasion. I typically go to NYmag.com for all my research which I would recommend, however check back for “Let’s go out to eat” posts for a more personal take on some of the best spots to eat NY (and abroad).

First up:

The Lamb’s Club:

132 West 44th Street  New York, NY 10036  (212) 997-5262

When I went: Thursday Night, 7pm

On this particular night I went for a special event of faux No Limit Texas Hold em’ in the private room upstairs. BUT I still got to try out the amazing food by the celebrated celebrity chef Geoffrey Zakarian, who just last year won on The Next Iron Chef. The food is delish and the crowd is worth the price of the dish.
Although its a pricey place the truth is your paying for great food, swanky environment and a scene full of NY’s fashion and entertainment’s power players. I didnt partake in the regular menu on this particular night but I can say the mini burgers and tuna tartar were very good! Not to mention the incredible cocktails… my fave the “Gold Rush”.

Screen shot 2012-02-27 at 7.40.39 PM


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