Let’s Go Out To Eat…

Where: Waverly Inn

When: Wednesday Night 8:45 rez… sat at 9:30

Another day, another restaurant! Last night, I was invited to the still very famous Waverly Inn a restraunt known for it’s hard to get tables more than anything else. A staple that seems to work, as NY Magazine’s Adam Platt so beautifully put it;

It’s designed to feed patrons in a familiar, semi-competent way, without distracting from the real business at hand, which is to have a drink or two and bask in the reflected glow of each other’s glorious presence. — Adam Platt

Adam Platt put it quite well, although I did enjoy the the french fires and oysters for the apps with the sole and lovely Sancerre, I do have to say its clear people are there for the crowd and vibe first, food second. I very much over indulged in the bread throughout the meal and may have had a lilttle too much wine… so by the time the last plate was taken off the table I was full and happy.

If you happen to snag a table I would recommend a Wednesday or Thursday night and make sure you order the steak(had a bite of my friend’s) and make sure you end the meal with the yummy roasted comice pear for dessert!


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