From LA>>>NY: Some Updates Fresh Off the Plane


I had a great two months in LA, but I am now back home in NYC for a few weeks before it will be time to leave again! I really love traveling and am working on some very exciting projects that wil keep me traveling and meeting amazing people! Until then… here are a few updates!

My boo MariMy best-friend, international model, DJ and humanitarian Mari Malek aka Dj Stiletto is competing for a HUGE Dj contest… Would you all be so kind to vote for her to support her!? The winners win some BIG prizes! One of which will include a summer long residency in one of Ibiza’s hottest clubs (who wants to go?!) Besides her being an amazing DJ, she is one of few women who are out doing their thing like she is! SUPPORT here! (FYI not avail on mobile devices!) She has great mix that you can listen to as well! 🙂

London1Also, did you hear? SERENE is officially launching in LONDON May 17th!! I am sooo proud of my team of amazing women, this really is a dream come true. Its fitting that SERENE is going international just after our 1 year anniversary and I hope you all can be apart of it as much as you have in NY! Will any of you be in London mid May? If so, would love to link while there and have you attend our kick off experience/events! If not, I know all you fabulous folks have fabulous Londoner female friends, so please share this link with them? I also encourage anyone interested in holistic wellness, women’s empowerment and purposeful and conscious living to sign up for our newsletter as well! In big cities like London and NY, it can be VERY difficult to find open, conscious and supportive women doing their thing, but SERENE is helping to bring this community of women together for amazing synergy in every area of their lives and society at large

Lastly, I am launching a THIRD #GetTHANKFUL 26 Day Gratitude Challenge April 13th and I would love to have you all apart of it! This has been a HUGE success thus far for myself as a participant and for those in the past two groups as well! For example, while on the challenge my good friend and SERENE member Tegan Bukowski was offered a job in London working for the world’s most famous female architect Zaha Hadid!! Tegan was the one tha took the leap, but has credited #GetTHANKFUL as the jumping off point and support that gave her that push… Check out her article HERE where she talks about her experience. A daily gratitude practice really does CHANGE YOUR LIFE. But add a weekly group call-in and specific mantra work to re-frame your focus with gratitude, I can legitimately say things will start to move for you! Men and women are welcome to join! Dont be scared… join me to try something new!
xo Millana

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