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True Account of the Struggle in EGYPT

A dear friend of mine Janice Bond who has an amazing blog on all things beautiful and intellectually stimulating was kind enough to share with me a personal Facebook message from her friend Sonia Hassan, a Egyptian American currently in EGYPT, in the middle of the uprising hapening RIGHT NOW all over Egypt.

I ask that not only do read her account, but share with ANYONE and EVERYONE that you know… The internet is our most powerful tool for organizing and communicating, hence the reason why a government would shut it down to CONTROL. Let us value what we have here in the states, but also be aware of what could be a very real possibility for ANYONE ANYWHERE…. Please keep the Egyptian people in your thoughts and prayers as they are fighting for their rights.

Sonia Hassan via Facebook 1/29/11:

Thank THE SOURCE OF ALL THE UNIVERSE that up until now HE has protected me and my family in Egypt!!!! It’s a miracle i got internet, which may be blocked again before i finish writing this. If so, i will try again whenever we can get it. Al…l Communication has been shut down. Only thing we have right now to get any info is our tv. This is a true Uprising, Revolution w/ all the disarray, fear, destruction that comes with it…anyone who has been through one, war, etc will understand. Never experienced anything like this in my life. I have been to a ton of protest in the states before…we do not know what it means to have no rights. I feel like i’m in a dream. I barely have the energy to explain all that’s happened/happening-in short: There is no Gov’t, Hosny Mubarak is in process of appointing new members…so He technically has not stepped down but this administration has. people are still angry and don’t trust him. his fam has fled egypt to london. meanwhile it is a free for all, no police anymore now *day 5. no protection, some people have lost their minds-rumours that the gov’t let all the criminals out…so looting, burning, etc has been going on. supposedly sending out some more military to control/protect people. everyone is on lockdown in their homes until 8am or further notice. anyone in streets is on their own and will be considered the enemy. everything is closed. egyptian pound has plumoted. but there still is beauty and hope in it all, the true egyptian character has come out-men and young men standing on streets all night with weapons-shovels, sticks, guns, etc to defend their families, neighborhoods, the egyptian museum which was broken into 😦 sigh…that’s all i can write for now. i am so deeply saddened, nervous and proud all at the same time. it’s so hard when u feel helpless & it’ s living in the unknown of what is going to happen in the next hour. i’m proud of my people and keeping positive- i do believe THE CREATOR OF ALL THE UNIVERSE IS PROTECTING US AND THIS HOLY LAND that all the world depends on in some way or another. if i can reach back out , i definitely will. thank you all for thinking of me & most of all for praying for me and my family and EGYPT. I know your prayers will get us through this.