Going Vegan Is Easier Than You Think!

I had the pleasure of trying some delicious vegan goodies from Jenné of The Nourishing Vegan, the morning of our first NYFW Rooftop Yoga with SATYA Jewelry this past September. Even before I got to meet the beautiful chef herself, I was raving about all of the delicious delights that were 100% GUILT FREE! I have long fantasized about what a vegan lifestyle might look like for me and after meeting Jenné I was even more interested. I am pescatarian… so in my mind I thought, hey I’m not far from vegan right?! WRONG… after taking Jenné’s VEGAN Autumn Immunity Cooking Class + Workshop I realized that I am far from being vegan… I learned that I could eat more veggies and healthy food in general and found that its actually a lot easier than I thought!

Jenné and Jovanka (jovankaciares.com) taught the class how to cook everything from a yummy smoothie,Healthy Smoothies!! shiitake miso soup, black bean crust and butternut squash pizza to yummy chocolate pudding! But new vegan recipes weren’t all that I learned, I also discovered that ground hemp seeds pack TONS of protein and that miso is full of great bacteria and that you should never put it into boiling water in order to keep all the good stuff alive!

I would highly recommend The Nourishing Vegan’s next Holiday Vegan Cooking Class coming up on November 2nd. I’m planning on going and although I’m not (yet) a vegan… I definitely want to know how to cook even more healthy vegan dishes on a holiday that is certainly lacking in that department!

J So let me know if you end up signing up!! SERENE members have a special discount btw so make sure you check us out to find out how you can be apart of the SERENE community to get great benefits and more!!


Let’s Go Out To Eat…

Where: Waverly Inn

When: Wednesday Night 8:45 rez… sat at 9:30

Another day, another restaurant! Last night, I was invited to the still very famous Waverly Inn a restraunt known for it’s hard to get tables more than anything else. A staple that seems to work, as NY Magazine’s Adam Platt so beautifully put it;

It’s designed to feed patrons in a familiar, semi-competent way, without distracting from the real business at hand, which is to have a drink or two and bask in the reflected glow of each other’s glorious presence. — Adam Platt

Adam Platt put it quite well, although I did enjoy the the french fires and oysters for the apps with the sole and lovely Sancerre, I do have to say its clear people are there for the crowd and vibe first, food second. I very much over indulged in the bread throughout the meal and may have had a lilttle too much wine… so by the time the last plate was taken off the table I was full and happy.

If you happen to snag a table I would recommend a Wednesday or Thursday night and make sure you order the steak(had a bite of my friend’s) and make sure you end the meal with the yummy roasted comice pear for dessert!