I <3 Music!!

Check out some of this artists! Let me know who you like the most!



1 <3 Music!!

One of the featured songs in my I ❤ Music posts is “1901” by Phoenix. I have actually wondered what 1901 meant, in a performance recorded for Spin Magazine, front man Thomas Mars said, “It’s a song about Paris. Paris in 1901 was better than what it is now. It’s still nice, but 1901 was better. This is a fantasy about Paris.”  Check out their perfomance below!

I <3 Music

I love this gospel song Moving Forward by Israel Houghton of Lakewood Church in my hometown of Houston Tx… this song is constantly on my list of regular listening… Really uplifting and reminds me where my focus lies! Tell me if you have any other ones to recommend?

I LOVE Music!

…So I thought I would share some of what Im playing these days to share with all you other music lovers! What ever I post will be both new and old… both popular and unknown… But all of it will be celebrated for the LOVE OF MUSIC!!