Let’s Go Out to Eat

Place: Cafe Minerva
Date/Time: Wednesday 6pm
Rez? Nope, just walked up to the bar.


Yesterday, on my way to an acting class, I happened to pass by the well loved west village cafe, Cafe Minerva. This is the kind of place you would see in a great romance film, the kind of place you would imagine running into your future love. The music upbeat, air fresh and savory, laid back yet dressed up enough for a first date or for inspiring a a first novel. The patrons attractive and diverse, lots of artists and mostly locals.

I had heard of this place before but had never been, but you could never tell, as soon as I walked in a friendly bartender/barista welcomed me as I took a seat at the bar. Confused as to whether they served more than coffee I immediately noticed a fellow young woman sipping a glass of wine while writing in her notebook. Since I had come to do the same thing I quickly asked for whatever she was having… A $9.50 glass of the med-full bodied Marchesi di Barolo Barbera di Monferrato ’08 which I must saw was the perfect way to quell my work day nerves. Although I didn’t have time to grab any food. I can say the vibe alone was enough to come back again and again,  if nothing more than for a glass of wine, engaging conversation and inspiration. Vibe, you can’t fake… a place either has a good one or not… and it’s simply something that just is… with no reason that any one can put their finger on. I ALWAYS say, its all about ambiance… if I don’t like the way it feels when I walk in (consists of lighting, style, staff, patrons, smells and all around good energy) I will leave before I even try the fare. So yes, Cafe Minerva gets an A for ambience, staff friendliness and a perfect wine recommendation for a first visit… Food, I don’t know, but I will be back soon so I will def share! Truth be told I liked this place so much, Im surprised I shared it with you guys, as I usually like to keep cute places like this to myself!! Ok so I didn’t exactly “go out to eat” at Cafe Minerva but check back, and I will be sure to share my thoughts on my food experience as well (which I am optimistic about)… in the mean time, if you have tried the food please let me know what you think! 🙂


Let’s Go Out to Eat…

I like to live with a little adventure, and people always ask me my recomendations on the things I like to do, music I like to listen to or places I like to eat, shop, hang out etc… so in the following Millana Loves post you can get my personal  take on the things, places and people that I encounter!


Stumptown Coffee Roasters at the Ace Hotel

20 West 29th St, New York, NY 10001 (212) 679-2222 Subway: 28th Street


I had just gotten back from Europe when I first visited this trendy coffee hub, and I was marvelously surprised by how my Latte rivaled the great stuff I had over seas. I automatically felt the vibrant energy when I walked in, as I noticed all the well dressed patrons standing in line, who were perhaps weren’t as well dressed as the baristas behind the counter. I was late to find out that they dont except credit cards but the cute barista kindly let me pay him what quarters I had in my wallet. Then once I was able to grab my hot delious cup, I sat in the lounge of the Ace Hotel where I  heard conversations of fashion, film and good food… Photographers, casting directors, models and actors all were there under one roof.

And to think, in of all areas… Lets be honest its not REALLY in Flatiron… technically its right where you can only go shopping if you have a wholesalers license! Who wants to be in the wholesale/garment/flower district!? Well now that Stumpton and the Ace Hotel has made its mark, I guess I have to say any one who wants to sip on some great coffee while flirting with a well dressed creative cutie!

When going keep in mind…

  • No Credit Cards
  • Wifi with purchase
  • Should leave time for the long line
  • You can order food inside the Hotel lounge or dine in restaurant
  • Make sure you’re looking good… you never know who you will meet in here!