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Inspired by Millana Snow’s Get THANKFUL Challenge, I’ve been cultivating more and more gratitude for all the little things in life. My daily (often multiple times daily) gratitude practice is turning into magic! During any moment of tension, anxiety or worry, gratitude brings me to my center, into my heart and back to the truth of my soul. Consciously cultivating gratitude for something simple, sometimes something really small and “mundane,” always brings me back to myself, back to love.

Today, I was in the steam room at the gym after a quick and vigorous workout. As the seasons change, it is a great time to incorporate simple detoxing practices, so I did a series of immersing my body under cold water in the steam. The hot cold hot cold extremes move blood and lymph throughout the body, which supports cleansing and detoxing. As I emerged from the stream of freezing cold water, a woman in the steam room looked at me and said “wow, you are really brave!” and then she left the steam. I stood there, body still shuttering from the shock of the cold water, surprised and deeply touched by her comment.

A yoga teacher of mine once told me that whenever he received a compliment, he would repeat it to himself 3 times in his head. He did this so his body could fully feel the vibrations of the compliment, so he could integrate it into his entire being, and begin to fully identify with the truth of the compliment. So, today in the steam room I did just as he taught me. Her compliment came at the perfect moment because recently I’ve been breaking through barriers of courage within myself, and lately been feeling not-so-brave. So when she said this, I smiled, and repeated it to myself, reminding every single cell in my body that I am in fact brave, and that I have all the courage I need to transcend any fears and fulfill my potential.

I felt a deep sense of gratitude for this woman. Her comment had touched the depths of my soul, at the perfect moment, a beautiful synchronicity of sorts. When I stepped out of the steam room, she passed right by me, and without thinking twice, I said “thank you for your comment, you have no idea how much that means to me right now, it is about so much more than braving the extremely cold water.” She smiled and I knew she could feel my gratitude for her words. Our exchange was beautiful and empowering. Actually sharing and expressing my gratitude for her compliment made the entire experience become so much more than a few simple words, it became magic.

Gratitude is powerful. Practicing gratitude daily is transformational. And expressing your gratitude to others is one of the keys to living a magical life.

To join other women in practicing, supporting and sharing the power of gratitude, check out Millana’s GetTHANKFUL Challenge!

And join me and the SERENE community in cultivating gratitude by tweeting your daily gratitudes and tag #GetTHANKFUL and @SERENESocial. Because trust me, life really is so much better when you end your day by feeling grateful and expressing it to the world!


#GetTHANKFUL #2 Launching THIS Sunday!


I would like to invite you on a journey that will bring fresh new energy to the new year! Its going to be a lot of fun and although I can’t promise you a million dollars or something so specific… I am SURE you will gain more than you imagined… spiritually, emotionally, physically, financially and more! Go to to sign up or email me at

Gratitude & the Resistance that Comes with it!

My #GetTHANKFUL 26 Day Challenge officially launched the Sunday before last. However, I have been doing the daily gratitude work for exactly 15 days! This is my second time around doing the daily work from The Magic, and it has definitely been different! Ironically, unlike last time, I am doing this in a time that is very difficult and full of unknowns. With a break up, an unexpected move and tons of life questions being brought to the surface in a very serious way, gratitude is honestly one of the hardest things to do right now! But I believe that is why my subconscious lead me to do this work again at this time!

One thing that I have learned this time around and with my group is that daily gratitude can bring resistance!! SERIOUS resistance! Sometimes I feel like its not working, like being positive is bullshit and that my life is even more out of control than I thought! Funny that resistance is the first thing that comes up when working on something as simple and pure as gratitude! But resistance and tension is often the first manifestation, with varying effects person to person. As I am starting to understand it more, it seems that the act of gratitude is very much like sifting through sand/dirt; similar to how one would sift through sand for gold in the Colorado river. When consistently working on gratitude as a daily practice, both the “good” and the “bad” become more visible. When I focus on what I am thankful for everything becomes more clear. And before clearing what is no longer wanted, useful or healthy, the sifting, separation and clarity can be painful. We start to see what about ourselves that we are moving away from, at the same time we can see a light at the end of the tunnel even though we have no idea how far away it may be.

So, what to do? KEEP DOING THE WORK. Its like working out, at first it really hurts, then you start to get fatter than when you started (I actually don’t know why but this something I know from experience when going in at the gym for about a week). THEN, after a few weeks you see results! The results really only come though when you deny the pain or in this case, resistance and negativity and keep focusing on what you have to be thankful for, consistently, until the resistance passes. We have to remember that we are sifting through the dirt and sand to find the gold that we are looking for. If we aren’t willing to do the work and sift through what we don’t want, release it and continue towards what we do want, then we will never find what we are meant to have! GRATITUDE really does provide CHANGE and THEN the TRANSFORMATION that brings you to the life you really want! The question is, are you willing to keep going until you see the results that you came for?

Going Vegan Is Easier Than You Think!

I had the pleasure of trying some delicious vegan goodies from Jenné of The Nourishing Vegan, the morning of our first NYFW Rooftop Yoga with SATYA Jewelry this past September. Even before I got to meet the beautiful chef herself, I was raving about all of the delicious delights that were 100% GUILT FREE! I have long fantasized about what a vegan lifestyle might look like for me and after meeting Jenné I was even more interested. I am pescatarian… so in my mind I thought, hey I’m not far from vegan right?! WRONG… after taking Jenné’s VEGAN Autumn Immunity Cooking Class + Workshop I realized that I am far from being vegan… I learned that I could eat more veggies and healthy food in general and found that its actually a lot easier than I thought!

Jenné and Jovanka ( taught the class how to cook everything from a yummy smoothie,Healthy Smoothies!! shiitake miso soup, black bean crust and butternut squash pizza to yummy chocolate pudding! But new vegan recipes weren’t all that I learned, I also discovered that ground hemp seeds pack TONS of protein and that miso is full of great bacteria and that you should never put it into boiling water in order to keep all the good stuff alive!

I would highly recommend The Nourishing Vegan’s next Holiday Vegan Cooking Class coming up on November 2nd. I’m planning on going and although I’m not (yet) a vegan… I definitely want to know how to cook even more healthy vegan dishes on a holiday that is certainly lacking in that department!

J So let me know if you end up signing up!! SERENE members have a special discount btw so make sure you check us out to find out how you can be apart of the SERENE community to get great benefits and more!!