Feature In ALLURE Magazine

Feature In ALLURE Magazine

ALLURE Magazine was the first magazine that I ever subscribed to when I was 11 years old! So it is a HUGE honor to be in it! I love all the practical beauty tops that ALLURE gives so I was sure to bring all my natural products with me to share with the editor! So if you have any new organic/natural products do be sure to share them with me! 🙂


WELL + GOOD Feature: My 5 Beauty Obessions!

WELL + GOOD Feature: My 5 Beauty Obessions!

Photo by Jason Jean of Citizen Couture

Photo by Jason Jean of Citizen Couture

Lately I have really taken steps to green my beauty routine and I am so glad that I can help get the word out about the amazing products out there that are not only great to use but are good for your health, animals and the planet!! Check out some of my beauty product picks on one of my fave blogs: WELL + GOOD!

Rip The Runway with Rick Ross! VIDEO

Photo Credit: Bossip.com

Photo Credit: Bossip.com

I love the runway and I love music! So when I was casted for Rip the Runway, I was excited because I knew that it was a show that I would get to show my personality and WERK it! I was also sooo honored because I was casted by the lovely Bethann Hardison, who has helped bring many black models to the forefront of fashion!  It was also a funny synchronicity with being casted, because just a few weeks prior to shooting Rip the Runway, I walked for Rick Ross’ girlfriend’s line FRONTROW during NYFW!! So when I ran into Rick Ross again after seeing him during fashion week, it was def a nice synchronistic surprise! If you look at the video,  you can see he was def giving me love! If you didn’t get a chance to see the show on BET, check it out here!

Rip the Runway with Rick Ross and ME! 🙂

Hot Chicks of Occupy Wall St VIDEO

In case you all didn’t catch this video last fall, make sure you check out the video that I so happen to be in while visiting the #OccupyWallSt grounds at Zuccotti Park. This video got soooo much attention(not all of it was positive)… and was seen on HUGE media outlets such as The Wall St Journal website, NY Times site and one of my fave blogs Refinery29.com.

I was definitely touched by the amazing diversity of people who came together in protest for their individual rights and issues, all using #OccupyWallSt as a platform. I don’t think you can really understand what is really  happening unless you ignore the media flack and go down to see to see for yourself. Funny enough, the first time I went to go take a look for myself, I found myself in another world wide campaign known as  #HotChicksOfOccupyWallSt.

Check out the video below that started it all!

See if you can see me! And tell me… do you think this is a negative portrayal of women? Or a great way to promote the Occupy movement?

China… Preparing for A Great Trip

I love to travel, and I am very meticulous about how I go about it! Im not a hotel kinda girl… Don’t get me wrong I LOVE to stay in great hotels. But for me traveling is best when immersed in the local culture… and if you have never been, it can take a lot of research to get there! I find the best way is by speaking to people who live there or to fellow travelers who have passed through. In the past I have have found AMAZING places to stay from sites like http://www.airbandb.com and http://www.couchsurfing.org/ and yes back in the day I stayed at hostels too! I def know what its like to rough it and make it work on a budget which helped me to see that traveling doesn’t have to cost as much as you think! In the posts to follow I will be sure to share tips and share my experiences in getting ready for my trip to China!!

But for now here are some of the preliminary research that I am doing for myself that I feel is important for any trip to a new land!

Reading the basic guide books is a good start although they usually feel like a textbook but good for briefing…

What Im reading as we speak:

Fodor’s See It China

Fodor’s Beijing  3rd edition

Fodor’s Hong Kong 22nd edition

Fodor’s Beijing’s 25 Best 5th edition

Lonely Planet Hong Kong and Macau City Guide

Some things I learned that are useful for my trip:

Beijng is pretty temperate in September…. But Hong Kong and Macau are HOT with average daily temps in the 90’s. I also learned that in Beijing it ususally pretty dry in September but Hong Kong has about 10 inches of rain on average.

Tipping isn’t customary in China

Water is not drinkable anywhere in China, although Hong Kong has higher quality it is not recommended

In the guide books above I browse through and read as needed… you can get great insider tips,  learn history,  and find out basic info on places to see. I recommend only buying one of these guides and get the rest from the library! Thats just the first round of studying more tips to come.

Next thing on the list that I have to research …

Social Customs

Where can I train for the half marathon that Im training for?!!?

What is the current exchange rate

Updates soon!

Know the weather: