Feature In ALLURE Magazine

Feature In ALLURE Magazine

ALLURE Magazine was the first magazine that I ever subscribed to when I was 11 years old! So it is a HUGE honor to be in it! I love all the practical beauty tops that ALLURE gives so I was sure to bring all my natural products with me to share with the editor! So if you have any new organic/natural products do be sure to share them with me! 🙂


WELL + GOOD Feature: My 5 Beauty Obessions!

WELL + GOOD Feature: My 5 Beauty Obessions!

Photo by Jason Jean of Citizen Couture

Photo by Jason Jean of Citizen Couture

Lately I have really taken steps to green my beauty routine and I am so glad that I can help get the word out about the amazing products out there that are not only great to use but are good for your health, animals and the planet!! Check out some of my beauty product picks on one of my fave blogs: WELL + GOOD!


Inline image 3“If brevity is the soul of wit, then The Webby Awards might be the wittiest show of all time.”  as The Wall Street Journal so perfectly described The Webby Awards. From the quirky five word speech made by House of Cards creators Kevin Spacey and Dana Burnett “The Oscars should do this” to the inspiring “Curiosity kills ignorance. Encourage science” speech by Mars Curiosity Rover. The Webby’s had an eccentric crowd of very intelligent and talented innovators who the host described as the “1% of the internet”.

As most of you know, I hosted the The Vagabond Project, which is a web-based video series for active, adventurous cool young adults who have the desire to see the world through the eyes of a local… not in that boring touristy way! The first season was shot in and around Hong Kong & Beijing. It was my job, along with the The Vagabond Project team to spread the word global travel savoirfaire; including art, music, fashion, food, adventure, nightlife, architecture, people, and lifestyles.

I have to say, being a winner among so many other amazingly talented winners such as, Jerry Seinfeld, Inline image 3 Frank Ocean WEBBY PERSON OF THE YEAR, and Steve White’s Inline image 1 amazing award Webby Lifetime Achievement is a marvelous and surreal feeling. It was an unforgettable evening full of positive energy, especially the fact that our producer Cassandra Chan came all the way from Honk Kong to share this accomplishment with us. Winning the Webby for Best Travel and Adventure, the first season has been a HUGE honor and suprise! I cant wait to shoot more! The future is looking great for The Vagabond Project captivating tourism boards and global brands to encourage travel content for ambitious world travelers. If you want to keep up with us and see what we are up to check us out at: http://thevagabondproject.tv

Hey, you never know, you might get inspired to get on a plane and explore this unbelievably diverse and fun world we live in! 🙂


Inline image 4

VOTE for Me?! The Webby Awards +The Vagabond Project

I’ve got big news, friends! The travel show that I host is an official nominee of The Webby Awards! This year they received 11,000 entries from 60 different countries and WE, The Vagabond Project, are one of FIVE videos selected in the Online Film/Video: Travel & Adventure category! Not only are we incredibly honored, we are extremely excited! We are up for two awards… The Webby Award and People’s Voice Award! Help us to win by voting?! Its quick and easy! I promise! xoxo

VOTE HERE: http://bit.ly/webbyVagabond

The Power of Intention


If you follow me on my social media, perhaps you have seen some posts about Serene City Retreat… About a year ago, I was feeling super frustrated about work and had a deep wanting to contribute to the world in a more creative, empowering and entrepreneurial way. It was around that time, that I was reading The Power of Intention by Wayne Dyer a book that I would highly recommend! One day after reading the book for about a week, I woke up and started setting my intention out loud just like Mr. Dyer recommended. Right there, in my cozy bed on the Upper West Side, I proclaimed “It is my intention to start a business that I can be proud of, a business that I feel positively contributes to the world as well.” I went on speaking my intention out loud for some time that morning before I got ready and set out for my day. It was later the next day or so that I was in a yoga class and while in downward dog I had a vision; a vision of my girlfriends and I doing yoga on the rooftop of The James hotel.

From reading the book, I knew automatically that this vision was connected to my intention. Although at the time I thought it was crazy, I immediately called my friend David Rabin who is the managing partner of Jimmy the rooftop bar at The James and pitched him my idea to host invite-only rooftop yoga exclusively for women, right on the spot… and to my pleasant surprise he loved the idea and offered to help me pitch it to the hotel! It was from there that I had a series of fortuitous synchronistic occurrences that allowed Serene to take flight! After we were able to start roof-top yoga, slowly Serene gained a great buzzed and it became clear that we had to expand the concept by going beyond yoga by focusing on the most central purpose of Serene; to bring together, empower and inspire women. With that in mind; we have a host of events, dinners, classes, forums and more all being built out as we speak that we feel will do just that!

WE wanted to start with something fun and unique so the first experience that we opened up after our yoga was our Nude Life Drawing night at Parlor NYC… Which got a great feature on the examiner.com… check it out HERE.  It was a real hit and really go th women to open up and have fun with new people! I look forward to doing more and am so excited about the success that we are experiencing!

I could go on and on about Serene and I am sure that I will more often… but for now, keep your eyes open for what we have next!



Yoga With a View

I have been regularly practicing yoga for quite some time… about three years to be exact. I tend not to officially call myself a yogi, but I do think that I am getting there. With that being said, I am so excited that I am able to share my love for yoga (and the health/wellness that comes with regular practice) with AMAZING women here in NYC on the rooftop of the James NY. Its really an extraordinary experience, and I am soooo thankful that others feel the same! I am especially pleased to know that the well respected yoga authority Yoga Journal have given Serene City Retreat their stamp of approval!

Read below to read their review!!


Yoga With a View.