My East Village Photoshoot w/ Mike Schreiber!

My East Village Photoshoot w/ Mike Schreiber!

I had a fun shoot with my friend the famous Mike Schreiber at my old East Village apt… in the bathtub in my KITCHEN!! Yes, so many good memories in that wacky apt! I had so much fun with friend that day that we got all kind of shots! So I thought I would turn to you all to help me pick the faves! I have a few more sheets, but for now, wont you let me know which ones you like most??!


HuffPost Feature: How Lemons Make You Beautiful From The Inside Out

With that hair (and those bright red lips), could you blame us for checking out Millana Snow? The Serene Social founder told us that her big curly hairdo was actually impromptu. “I had my hair straight until yesterday, but then decided to go natural,” she said.

Snow recently discovered Every Strand hair care products, and she is a fan of their deep conditioning hair oil. She added, “It’s at a decent price point, too!” Organic beauty products that make up her regimen include EvanHealy Cleanser and Facial Serum and Pangea Organics Mist. But Snow claims that “the secret to it all” is lemons.

“Drink it in the morning. [Take] hot water (as if you were making a tea) and squeeze in half a lemon. It’s great for your digestive system and your energy. You can also use lemon juice on your skin to tone and brighten.” The health and beauty benefits of this sour yellow fruit just keep getting sweeter!

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Rip The Runway with Rick Ross! VIDEO

Photo Credit:

Photo Credit:

I love the runway and I love music! So when I was casted for Rip the Runway, I was excited because I knew that it was a show that I would get to show my personality and WERK it! I was also sooo honored because I was casted by the lovely Bethann Hardison, who has helped bring many black models to the forefront of fashion!  It was also a funny synchronicity with being casted, because just a few weeks prior to shooting Rip the Runway, I walked for Rick Ross’ girlfriend’s line FRONTROW during NYFW!! So when I ran into Rick Ross again after seeing him during fashion week, it was def a nice synchronistic surprise! If you look at the video,  you can see he was def giving me love! If you didn’t get a chance to see the show on BET, check it out here!

Rip the Runway with Rick Ross and ME! 🙂

Feature on my fave blog:

Feature on my fave blog:

I am a subscriber to the email newsletter, so naturally when I saw that I was featured on the blog in the beauty section I was soooo happy! Funny thing is I was so happy that day, I was totally in the zone. At home, before I went out for the shows at Milk Studios I told myself that I was intent on being completely myself. Fashion week can get so serious and competitive so I knew that to feel and look my best I would just BE ME! BIG HAIR and all!! And to my pleasant surprise this belief was solidified by a beautiful mention on Refinery! Check it!

Flashback Video Finale Episode of Project Runway Season 8

I must admit I never get tired of watching this! Project Runway Season 8 was the opening show for Lincoln Center and the energy was very high and exciting! I will never forget my walk down the runway that day, as it was a very magical moment unlike any other time before! What was even better was that this was the final step to winning with my amazing designer Gretchen Jones! Hope you enjoy this flashback!! Oh and in case you were wondering I closed the show with Gretchen at the end starting at 9:06! 🙂