Flashback Video Finale Episode of Project Runway Season 8

I must admit I never get tired of watching this! Project Runway Season 8 was the opening show for Lincoln Center and the energy was very high and exciting! I will never forget my walk down the runway that day, as it was a very magical moment unlike any other time before! What was even better was that this was the final step to winning with my amazing designer Gretchen Jones! Hope you enjoy this flashback!! Oh and in case you were wondering I closed the show with Gretchen at the end starting at 9:06! 🙂


Starting the day off right…

Over the past year and half I have learned that my day often reflects how I started it! Lately I have been working on starting my day off right with positive intentions. In the book “The Power of Positive Thinking” by Norman Vincent Peele; he says that it is important to speak out loud with one suggested phrase being as simple as ” I believe”. He recommends that you should say this out loud three times every morning before you even move from sleeping position and continue to confidently verbalize this phrase throughout your day.

I personally have started this morning ritual while also adding the bible scripture “This is the day the Lord has made, I will rejoice and be glad in it” -Psalm 118:24 or even a phrase as simple as “Today is a new day, all things are new and anything is possible”. From there I visualize all the best outcomes that I can imagine for the day ahead. I try to take 10-15 to do this simple mediation and I PROMISE if you try it too,  you will notice a HUGE difference!!

I also have to start to start my day off with coffee, good music and morning pages and some times in that order! See the YouTube link below to hear a great morning song to play to get you in the right mood/mindset;  I love India.Aire and this song never fails to  make me feel good about the great day to come!

AS for moning pages… morning pages may very well be for me, the greatest means to clear my head, reset my energy and get in touch with my creative and higher self. I have done a video about morning pages with Taren of the popular YouTube Channel Taren916 so I will def have to put that up. I was lucky to find morning page in the international best seller “The Artist’s Way” by Julia Cameron. To put it simply Julia suggests that to get in touch with your creative/spiritual/higher self; each morning right after waking up one should sit down to a notebook and write three pages of free flowing thoughts.

I have personally done this almost everyday for the past year and a half and WHOA has it changed my life! I sit down and just write 3 pages nonstop without interruption. For me, its really dumping all my thoughts as they come without judgement or fear of what will be said or realized. It doesn’t matter which way you go about it just write 3 pages without stopping and you will uncover amazing things. Give it a try and check back for more details in a later post! In the mean time check out the expert and originator Julia Cameron’s blog for her explanation here.

Good luck with experimenting with these morning rituals! Hey does it hurt to give this all a try for one week? Please let me know how is goes!!

Interview with Betterfly.com

Twitter works in amazing ways! Just last week I was tweeting and came into contact with Betterfly.com a site that helps you find and connect with stylists, make-up artists etc… before I know it Lauren Margolis from Betterfly.com was kind enough to ask me for an interview! Read the a bit of the interview below and make sure you check out the rest on the Betterfly blog!

Everyone who watches Project Runway knows of Heidi Klum’s fatal last words to any contestant hoping to win the competition : Auf Wiedersehen. Luckily, Millana Snow never had to hear these words. Millana was the winning model on Season 8 of Project Runway, paired with winning boho-inspired designer Gretchen Jones. The show took Millana on a challenging journey to Bryant Park Fashion Week and has launched her even further into the modeling and acting stratosphere. Since the show aired last year, Millana has been very busy juggling modeling, acting and her personal life in New York City. She’s always up for trying new things and experimenting with finding her true self.  Here’s what she told Betterfly about life as  a model and her experiences on Project Runway.

Congrats on being the winning model on Project Runway! That must have been so rewarding. What is the greatest lesson you learned from the experience?

I learned a lot of great lessons last summer while shooting; but I would have to say that I learned firsthand that keeping a positive and confident outlook while ALWAYS focusing on/visualizing your goals is the key to success. It’s definitely hard to maintain at times when things are going on around you that might look like you are headed in the wrong direction, but on the show not knowing what was going to happen next I just always believed in my end goal no matter what twists, turns and drama came before me… and it paid off!