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Inspired by Millana Snow’s Get THANKFUL Challenge, I’ve been cultivating more and more gratitude for all the little things in life. My daily (often multiple times daily) gratitude practice is turning into magic! During any moment of tension, anxiety or worry, gratitude brings me to my center, into my heart and back to the truth of my soul. Consciously cultivating gratitude for something simple, sometimes something really small and “mundane,” always brings me back to myself, back to love.

Today, I was in the steam room at the gym after a quick and vigorous workout. As the seasons change, it is a great time to incorporate simple detoxing practices, so I did a series of immersing my body under cold water in the steam. The hot cold hot cold extremes move blood and lymph throughout the body, which supports cleansing and detoxing. As I emerged from the stream of freezing cold water, a woman in the steam room looked at me and said “wow, you are really brave!” and then she left the steam. I stood there, body still shuttering from the shock of the cold water, surprised and deeply touched by her comment.

A yoga teacher of mine once told me that whenever he received a compliment, he would repeat it to himself 3 times in his head. He did this so his body could fully feel the vibrations of the compliment, so he could integrate it into his entire being, and begin to fully identify with the truth of the compliment. So, today in the steam room I did just as he taught me. Her compliment came at the perfect moment because recently I’ve been breaking through barriers of courage within myself, and lately been feeling not-so-brave. So when she said this, I smiled, and repeated it to myself, reminding every single cell in my body that I am in fact brave, and that I have all the courage I need to transcend any fears and fulfill my potential.

I felt a deep sense of gratitude for this woman. Her comment had touched the depths of my soul, at the perfect moment, a beautiful synchronicity of sorts. When I stepped out of the steam room, she passed right by me, and without thinking twice, I said “thank you for your comment, you have no idea how much that means to me right now, it is about so much more than braving the extremely cold water.” She smiled and I knew she could feel my gratitude for her words. Our exchange was beautiful and empowering. Actually sharing and expressing my gratitude for her compliment made the entire experience become so much more than a few simple words, it became magic.

Gratitude is powerful. Practicing gratitude daily is transformational. And expressing your gratitude to others is one of the keys to living a magical life.

To join other women in practicing, supporting and sharing the power of gratitude, check out Millana’s GetTHANKFUL Challenge!

And join me and the SERENE community in cultivating gratitude by tweeting your daily gratitudes and tag #GetTHANKFUL and @SERENESocial. Because trust me, life really is so much better when you end your day by feeling grateful and expressing it to the world!


Join My 26 Day Challenge: #GetTHANKFUL…More Fun, Abundance and Alignment!!

Join me!Want to join me on a 26 day challenge?! Back in Feb/Mar I read The Magic by Rhonda Bryne and set out to follow through with the daily gratitude work. Within DAYS people and opportunities were LITERALLY chasing me down the street to the point that it was kinda overwhelming! Even with all the amazing things that happened, when I finished the book I slowly got lazy and stopped doing the work every day. Yesterday, I decided I wanted that same fun, exciting and powerful energy back and decided that I would do the book again. But this time, to switch it up I’m asking you to join me and amp it up even more! If you feel like you want change JUST SAY YES. And when you say yes, make a commitment to do this for yourself, all the way, with no expectations! I can’t promise you ANYTHING but I can tell you that I am going to be on this journey with you as an active participant of work that I know works! The four week (26 days) will be facilitated through myself and Go To Meeting (which can called in via phone or logged into via the internet any where in the world). To be apart of the group there is a $100 sign up. All I will say about $ is to think about it this way, you are investing $25 a week to make yourself do things that we all know will improve you and your life… Perhaps by paying $100 and having a whole group to be accountable to will really help you to follow through on this commitment to yourself.
26 Day ChallengeRead below to see what we will be doing:

  1. Starting with our first call December 22nd- 8-9:30pm EST and a second group starting on Sunday Jan 26th 4-5:30pm EST so you will need to:.  The 26 day challenge is structured around The Magic by Rhonda Byrne which you will need to buy or borrow to use the whole time. Each practice is meant to do daily so please do one chapter a day to keep up with the class…This work works wonders, if you do this alone everyday you will see changes… This is the bare minimum and the basis of the challenge!
  2. To amp it up, we will each pick 1 thing to fast from (up for a real challenge pick up to 3) try not to shock the system more than you are ready… Go with your gut on what you should clear yourself from for 26 days. Some ideas are: Sex, drugs, alcohol, TV, porn, smoking, chocolate, gossip mags/news, fried food, soda, social media, dating, news, a friend/associate/person/place. Even fun things like not wearing certain colors or going out to eat (what if you cooked every meal!?).
  3. Each week there is a group call/check in through Go To Meeting, Sunday night 8-9:30pm EST. The call each week will focus on one of four themes (health/body, work/success, money/abundance, relationships/love). These are simply to jump start your thoughts and positive momentum in these areas but we are not going to be working on anything too specific. In fact this all is very much about keeping it general to allow things to work outside of our mind’s limited thinking. The hour and half call will start with a general intro, then each person on the call gets a timed 2-3 mins to share positive stories/aspects of the work working. Then the group will do 10-15 mins of the weeks given energy work and mantra (sticky notes and verbally) work for the week. Examples of weekly call energy work: list of positive aspects, focus wheels, vortex money spending.
  4. I will have you keep a running list/email of synchronicity. Start an email to yourself with the subject: Flow and Synchronicity. Whenever “coincidences” come up of ANY KIND, big or small go back to the email thread and list them. In a few days of this alone you will be able to see amazing results! I did this when I first did the 26 day challenge and was writing myself non stop laughing at how amazing it became within days.

It is law, that the more attention and focus you give to something, the more you will attract it to yourself! We all know this so why not give attention to how your energy is attracting more of what you want!?

A few things that are likely to happen:

  • Its going to be A LOT OF FUN. So enjoy it and share it with the group! Whenever one of us is doing well it is a positive sign for everyone!
  • There will be endless coincidences and synchronicity every where. Don’t look for it, just be aware and notice that whatever you notice has meaning and when you really take them in they will start to bring blessings as well!
  • Resistance, you may not want to do the daily work, calls or the fast. BUT that’s why this is a challenge. I am doing this because I KNOW THIS WORK WORKS! And I know that when I do it for an extended time, great things happen. I want that fun and abundant energy back in my life again, so I am doing this work with you! When you really feel like you are spiraling, get relief… Do the excersize from the call, work out, walk, do yoga, meditate or email me! Bottom line: Reach for a better feeling and remember that you promised yourself that you would finish this 26 day challenge!
  • People will offer you all kinds of opportunities, JUST SAY YES! Dont be afraid, if you keep doing the work this is all likely to be the answer to what you have been asking for! REMEMBER: JUST SAY YES!
  • People and things from your past will try to come back. Again this is to be expected so do not get overwhelmed, confused or try to push them/it away; JUST LET IT RIDE.
  • You will realize that there are people, places and things that you love but no longer want to be around or be involved with. This is inevitable whenever doing work on yourself in a intentional way, so again don’t feel guilty or overwhelmed just allow it to work itself out. If you continue to do this work, they will either slowly disappear or only come to you when they are on the same positive wavelength. You will also see that you will stop having the taste for certain foods or desire to go to certain places.
  • Things that you want will start to come, but may not be exactly how you want or how you envisioned them. That’s OK, you don’t have to make every guy who asks you out your boyfriend or take every job you are offered! If its not the right fit, just journal them in your flow email, take it as a sign that you are in the flow and keep it moving! “JUST SAY YES” is still very useful here because you never know where something could take you. So bottom line here is enjoy yourself and dont get caught up about not getting exactly what you want or how you want it because when you continue to do the work it will show up. So have fun and say YES as much as you can!
  • You will get ideas and inspiration! Go after all the ideas in the moment you get them! Ideas are divinely inspired and with all the energy and support that you have gained on the challenge this is a great time to go after them and see real results!

Well that’s the challenge in a nutshell! If you are down, sign up FAST! There are only 12 spots left! All payments will be accepted via Paypal, Venmo or Chase Bank transfer so if interested in joining the group send an email to or fill out the form below for more payment and registration details!

Lots of LOVE