The Vagabond Project is out!!

I’m so excited to finally watch the webisodes that I shot in Beijing/Hong Kong. I had so much fun shooting everyday! The team did such a great job and each guide really teaches us viewers what we need to know when traveling to Beijing and Hong Kong! It was so much fun, but a great learning experience that I hope to share with all you travel lovers as well!
This video is one of my faves! I was soooo determined to get up on the board… Pretty emabassing what happens in this one!




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This is the time, 2012 has so much momentum to make REAL change like the world has never seen! It’s our generation leading the world now… let’s join together to make this world what we have all always hoped for.




Hot Chicks of Occupy Wall St VIDEO

In case you all didn’t catch this video last fall, make sure you check out the video that I so happen to be in while visiting the #OccupyWallSt grounds at Zuccotti Park. This video got soooo much attention(not all of it was positive)… and was seen on HUGE media outlets such as The Wall St Journal website, NY Times site and one of my fave blogs

I was definitely touched by the amazing diversity of people who came together in protest for their individual rights and issues, all using #OccupyWallSt as a platform. I don’t think you can really understand what is really  happening unless you ignore the media flack and go down to see to see for yourself. Funny enough, the first time I went to go take a look for myself, I found myself in another world wide campaign known as  #HotChicksOfOccupyWallSt.

Check out the video below that started it all!

See if you can see me! And tell me… do you think this is a negative portrayal of women? Or a great way to promote the Occupy movement?